About us


About Brosia

brosia is a full suite of entertainment & educational products developed for mobile users but accessible from any web enabled device. It includes five great verticals packed with content including movies, series, music, mobile games, health & fitness, education, and even content for kids.All you need is in the palm of your hands

brosia Mastery

brosia Mastery is a collection of mobile courses, documentaries, quizzes & infographics.

Our exclusive courses are designed with mobile behaviour at the core with 3-5 minute information chunks that can be consumed easily anytime anywhere. Quizzes are quick, fun and informative. Infographics allow information to be retained visually and great to share.

brosia Games

With a selection of over 600 games, you can play a new game every day for the next year on brosia Games.

brosia games is not just a huge collection of games, it’s a scene with it’s own community, curated blog, gameplay videos, roundups, reviews….

it’s everything in gaming.

brosia Stream

brosia Stream goes beyond today’s streaming services and offers, movies, series, documentaries, music and even music videos all in one place with unlimited access.

We brake ground providing content from chart topping artists like Eminem to all pockets.

brosia Family

With a mobile device in every pocket, chances are our your kids will end up consuming content too. When they do, would it not be better that it was educational, stimulating and interactive? brosia Family ensures you as parents have great content like Dr. Binocs and the Dubby Dubs always at hand in a safe environment.